Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County Courthouse Clock Tower

Gwinnett County

In north-central Georgia just northeast of Atlanta’s city limits, you’ll find Gwinnett County. With a population of over 936,00, it’s the second-most populous county in Georgia. Gwinnett is especially popular with families because of the exceptional public schools and relatively low crime rates. There are amazing parks, playgrounds, and libraries that give all residents a rich and exciting quality of life. 

Gwinnett County Attractions

If you spend all year anxiously awaiting spooky season, you’ll love Gwinnett County! The Netherworld Haunted House has been a major attraction ever since it opened in 1997. This hot spot has garnered multiple awards and is known for having a completely original theme that isn’t derived from any movie or TV show.

You’ll find many gorgeous outdoor spaces in Gwinnett County including Stone Mountain Park. The Stone Mountain monument was famously mentioned in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic I Have a Dream speech. You can see everything this natural wonder has to offer by taking a ride on a cable car. 

If you want to go fishing, head to Jones Bridge Park, which is perfectly picturesque. If you’re looking for history, you’ll find it in the Southeastern Railway Museum or the Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad. Maybe you’d rather interact with animals than catch them for food. If that’s the case, head to the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll find rabbits, lemurs, miniature horses, and so much more!

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