Clayton County

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Clayton County

If you don’t want quite as much hustle and bustle in your neck of north-central Georgia, Clayton County may be the right place to live. With a population of under 260,000, it’s less populous than other counties in the Atlanta metro area. The cost of living is also fairly low compared to nearby areas.

Make no mistake: just because it’s not as populated as some other nearby counties does not mean you’ll have a hard time finding things to do in Clayton County. There’s plenty of exciting nightlife and other fun things to experience in the area.

Popular Attractions in Clayton County 

If you’re a literature nerd, you may recognize Clayton County from the famous novel Gone with the Wind. Even some of the 1939 movie was filmed here. This is something the county is certainly proud of! You’ll see evidence of this in the exhibits at the Road to Tara Museum.

Another way to take in this county’s history is by visiting Stately Oaks Plantation, a Greek revival antebellum mansion. This home is nearing two centuries old and it’s been on the National Register of Historic Places for nearly 50 years. 

If you’d rather spend your spare time being active, you’ll find no shortage of trails for walking and cycling surrounded by gorgeous nature. There’s also lots of rich diversity in Clayton County! The presence of the  Hindu Temple of Atlanta is a testament to that. The gorgeous Dravidian architecture is majestic to behold, even if you aren’t a religious person.

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