Douglas County

Douglas County

Douglas County is one of the most diverse counties in Georgia. It’s a slightly smaller county compared to other Atlanta metro locations, with only about 143,000 residents. What it lacks in population it makes up for in gorgeous nature! The local government is also always working on improving the community.

Douglas County Attractions 

One of the most iconic attractions in Douglas County is the natural wonder: Sweetwater Creek State Park, a state park that features over 2500 acres of Mother Nature’s finest, including the peaceful creek itself. If you check out the visitor center, you’ll find a wide variety of historical artifacts including some from the Civil War and others belonging to Native Americans.

If you want to explore other outdoor spaces, there are plenty of options from Deer Lick Park to Woodrow Wilson Park and more. If you want to go on a jog, bike ride, or take your dogs on a walk, check out the trails on Water Lily Dr. or Boundary Waters Park Trails.

In many ways, Douglas County has become a little Hollywood in the South. Movies like Driving Miss Maisy, two of the Hunger Games films, and the House with a Clock in Its Walls were all filmed here. Iconic TV shows like Stranger Things, Matlock, and MacGyver have also been filmed in the county.

If you want an educational experience in Douglas County, go visit the Pine Mountain Gold Museum. You can learn about the history of gold mining, go on a trail ride, or explore the trails.

Find Homes for Sale in Douglas County

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